Always consult with your optometrist first to check your general eye health, if your eyes are suited for contact lenses and if you need a prescription.

Plushie Heaven endeavors to always source lenses from reputable suppliers.

Please note the following care tips:

Contact Lens Care 101

1. Always ensure your hands are clean before handling your lenses. Wash with soap, rinse thoroughly and dry off with a lint free towel.
2. Always use the correct contact lens solution to clean, care and store your lenses in. These are available from any optometrist, stores such as Dis-Chem or Clicks and chemists. DO NOT USE TAP WATER TO STORE YOUR LENSES IN!! Tap water, even distilled water, contains chemicals and micro-organisms which can severely harm your eyes
3. Always store you lenses in a proper lens case and replace them every 3 months to avoid contamination.
4. Never sleep with you lenses in.
5. For hygiene purposes, never share your contact lenses with other people, especially if they have been worn before.
6. It is suggested you do not wear your lenses for more than 8 hours at a time.
7. If your eyes do get a little dry whilst wearing lenses, use a suitable Eye Drop solution.
8. If you experience any eye discomfort after inserting the lenses remove them immediately.
9. Never use damaged lenses. If you do receive your lenses and they are damaged, please inform Plushie Heaven immediately at

Plushie Heaven will not be held responsible for any damage to your eyes due to negligence. If you are unsure of anything, always consult with your optometrist first .